STTG No. 073 / Milk & Spilled Milk / By Bell & Tom / 2019 / 43 Min

       I'd been back in Houston only a couple of years the first time Bill and I got together to jam.
       It was informal hilarious and dusty, but our collection of half-working keys and pedals and chimes and toy
       guitar and delay pedals proved to be playful and fertile ground ("Yer even more lo fi than I am!"), so we
       started getting together on the regular to go exploring. For about a year and a half we recorded at least once a week
       in Bill's living room, never used a mixer, just got stoned and peaceful, stuck a digital recorder on
       the other side of the room and started playing. We gradually incorporated more equipment as the months progressed,
       Bill added another delay pedal and an old Morley Wah, and I eventually started playing some synthesizer as well
       (because when was I going to have a better opportunity to play keys in a lo fi psychedelic band anchored by nostalgic
       Casio rhythms?), but our process remained the same. Chill and play. Eventually I was able to wheedle the 60+ hours
       of recordings into 10 albums worth of compelling soundtracks. On our first album "Silver Portion" (available on CD)
       I did some re-arranging and overdubbing, but most of the rest of our output has consisted of the original recordings as-is. - John Alan Kennedy